BodySPACE Collective has organized a weekend pop-up art show featuring a wide range of works by various local queer and trans artists. Hostperformances. The gallery is located in the central lobby of The Distillery Building at 516 East Second Street in South Boston, MA. ed by the Distillery Gallery, this two-night event will take place May 26th and 27th, starting at 8pm both nights, and will feature a silent auction to benefit Black and Pink Queer Prisoner Support as well as live

In a political climate that is often so threatening to not only queer and trans people, but so many marginalized members of society, the concept of home is so important. For some, home can be the only place comfort can be felt, and the possibilities of what home can mean are endless. Additionally, through this show and other events, bodySPACE collective aims to offer these glimpses into what home might be as a welcoming gesture to allies and supporters with the hope of community building and expansion

With many artists in attendance and performances throughout, this is a great opportunity to not only come out and see great art and support the queer and trans community, but to support Black and Pink Queer Prisoner Support specifically, with 25% of all sales going directly to them. 

Artists include Erika Schmidt, Sami Martisan, Brianna Mcintire, Anna Keyes, Jeffrey Nowlin, Erica Roberts, Emy Lynn Holler, Elena Rossen, Lauren Alondogin, Jessie Lupardis, Noelle Longhaul, Leah Corbett, Candy, Eliot Clark, Devin Utah, Daevie Whelpley, Frankie Symonds, Bashezo, Michaela MacPherson, Sherilyn Furneaux, and Jeremy Hetherington. 

BodySPACE collective was founded by Daevie Barmash and Devin Utah and endeavors to promote community ties, support, and creative outlets for queer and trans people. They are currently based in Boston and plan on continuing to organize events. 

For questions about “Home” or anything else, please contact bodySPACE.submissions@gmail.com.