Go to the Light is a fluorescence-inspired screen printing show featuring prints by artists from around the country. The exhibition highlight collaborative prints from artists working in a wide range of mediums. Audiences are treated to an immersive and unique viewing experience; galleries lit exclusively in black light for optimal neon viewing.

Featured artists and collectives include:

Andrew Bablo, Allison Bamcat, Elaine Bay, Joe Barillaro, Brian Butler, Cash For Your Warhol, Cyrille Conan, Michael Crockett, Farel Dalrymple, Michael DiMaggio, Caitlin Duennebier, Maya Erdelyi, Pat Falco, Matthew Gamber, Sarah Gay-O'Neill, Frank Germano, Raul Gonzalez III, Sophie Greenspan, Morgan Grenier, Gunsho, David Hochbaum, Stephen Holding, Hungry Ghost Press, Vanessa Irzyk, T.J. Kelley III, Jay LaCouture, Greg Lamarche (SP.ONE), Ness Lee, Michele L'Heureux, Josh Luke, Robert Maloney, Xander Marro, Dan McCarthy, Fish McGill, Chris O'Neill, Dave Ortega, Anthony Palocci, Krista Perry, Helen Popinchalk, Jake Rainis, John Rainis, Michael Sieben, Skinner, Nat Swope, Tallboy, Remi Thornton, James Weinberg, Wilding Davis & Co., Dana Woulfe,Nicholas Zaremba

October 18 - November 1
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 28, 6-10PM (Costumes encouraged!)