the sensation of moving slowly back in time

the sensation of moving slowly back in time

Dirk Adams creates work in a variety of media including performance, sound, installation, and video. His work is concerned with language, memory, and culture, and frequently investigates current events, popular culture, and politics.

the sensation of moving slowly back in time is a presentation of objects, materials, and tools that have been created over the past four years in his yarden (yard/garden).  The installation and performances in this show represent a point in his explorations of physical processes of materials and investigations into human consciousness, the slow mutative processes of evolution, and notions of meaning-making as they relate to cultural production and the idea of humans as brains in bodies in environments, which comes out of the field of embodied cognition.  
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March 6 - April 8, 2017

Opening Performance: Friday, March 10, 7PM
Closing Performance: Saturday, April 1, 3PM