Eli Brown: Museum of Queer Ecologies


Eli Brown (b. 1986) is a multidisciplinary artist living in Boston, Massachusetts. His practice revolves around learning trans-ness as a lineage, and as an evolutionary phenomenon that is not always human. He creates space for and facilitates multigenerational communication between trans and gender nonconforming folks and intervenes with "trans" species such as fungi and yeast. His research is both experiential and rooted in queer ecological thought, which seeks to bridge queer theory and environmental justice, as well as challenge the problematic foundations of evolutionary biology and speciesism which continue to inform our bodily experiences.

The Museum of Queer Ecologies imagines post-apocalyptic forms of interspecies love. Pulling from science fiction, utopian living, and queer romance, the museum presents a never-before seen prototype for post-human love, a living dildo with reproductive capacities! Artifacts include sculpture, sound installation, and drawings mapping the dimensions of time, gender, and sexual impossibility.

On view: September 27 - October 25, 2019

Opening reception: Friday, September 27, 7 - 10 PM