nothingness, carrying being in its heart

 Carlie Waganer

Carlie Waganer


“I do not cease to experience my being-for-others; by possibilities do not cease to “die”, nor do the distances cease to unfold toward me in the terms of the stairway where somebody “could” be, in terms of this dark corner where a human presence “could” hide. Better yet, if I tremble at the slightest noise, if each creak announces to me a look, this is because I am already in the state of being-looked-at” —— Jean-Paul Sartre, from Being and Nothingness

“Nothingness, carrying being in its heart” presents sculpture that reflects on the weight of the void, the crises of memory, and the seduction of emptiness. 

Works by: 
Alexander Sebastianus
Samantha Lopez
Carlie Waganer
Austen Shumway
Sam Bodian 

On view: August 24 – 26
Reception: Saturday, August 25, 7 – 10 PM