Opening Reception: Thursday August 14, 6 - 9 PM (Live Performances 8-9 PM )

Show Dates: August 14 - September 14

An exhibition featuring installations of sonified forms and interactive audio objects.

Featuring works by:

Jason Sanford
Vic Rawlings
Derek Hoffend

Curated by Derek Hoffend

Sonance brings together three Boston-based artists who maintain creative practices that cross boundaries between musician and form-maker, such as in the construction of instruments and objects for use in live performance as well as stand-alone sculptures and installations that combine the physical with the sonic.

Each artist produced audio-oriented works responding to the gallery site, emphasizing the acts of listening, exploration, and interaction. Resting in silence until activated, each work is brought to life through active viewer engagement.

Jason Sanford is an artist working with sound. For 20 years he has made instruments for and performed with his band, Neptune. Sonance presents nine new sculptures by Sanford, which use sound to negotiate between instrument, architecture, action, and object.

Sanford displays sound sculptures from time to time in gallery settings, and he collaborates occasionally with dancers or other kinds of performers, but his work can most frequently be experienced in the context of his musical performances, solo, with Neptune, and with E.

Vic Rawlings engages with sound as a musician, instrument builder, teacher, and through installed objects.

In Sonance, he presents interactive pieces that reference his teaching practice (workshops in sound and improvised music) and his electroacoustic instrument building.

Derek Hoffend is a visual and audio artist who creates interactive sound-sculpture installations that explore sound as a medium intersecting with physical forms, bodies, and spaces to create participatory experiences for viewers.

Recent work is influenced by therapeutic potentials of combined sound, colored light, and geometric structures to create immersive sensory experiences. Hoffend currently records and performs electronic music under the moniker Aether Chroma.